How to restrict a User from creating a Sales Order or perform Wave operations like Lock/Unlock Wave, Pick Wave if not mapped to the Store?

If a User is not mapped to a Store, then all the Sales Order functions like creating SO or modifying an SO will not be allowed with the Un-mapped Store on the SO.

Only if the access is granted to the User by the User Store mapping, the User shall be able to perform the SO process.

How does it work? 

  • Navigate to the User-Store Mapping module.
  • Select the User and the Store.
  • Grant the access.

  • The User will be able to carry forward all the Sales operations with the Mapped Store.

On the other hand, if the Un-Mapped Ship Store is selected for a Sales Order, the User will not be able to do the following: 

  • Create a Sales Order,
  • Create Wave,
  • Pick/Pack the Wave,
  • Ship an Order.
  • Void a Wave/SO
  • Modify an existing Order

If an attempt is made to process an Order with the Un-Mapped Ship Store, the User will be shown a message that the user doesn’t have access to the Ship Store.

Refer to the screenshots below as an example:

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