How to quickly add Items with 3 variants in SO and PO

Advance Variant Finder is a great way to search multiple Items by Base Part without having to search for every single Item. However, the Advance Variant Finder currently only supports 2*2 product matrix. So, we do not have the option to add Items with 3 variants using the Advance Variant Finder.

We have added a feature called “Quick Add Items” which works as a great alternative to address this problem and make things simpler for you. This feature is enabled in both PO and SO, and works really well when you want to add Items with 3 product variants or if you want to add multiple Items to your order in one shot.

An App Config, Quick Add Item has been added under the General tab for this. To access this option, you have to enable this App Config.

Let’s see how this works with the example of a Sales Order.

  • In the SO details section of the Sales Order, click on ‘Quick Add Items’.

  • A “Quick Add Items” window will populate.
  • Search the Item by Base Part Number or Item Number. All the Items corresponding to that search query will be listed below.

  • Put in the quantity you want to order and click on ‘Add To Order’.

  • All the Items will be added to the Sales Order.


  • You can also use OR operator to widen your search.

  • The same option is available in the Purchase Order module.

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