How to Process the Credit Cards in Xoro?

Once your Payment Gateway(s) is integrated to Xoro and the default account is set up, you can process the payments in Xoro.

  • Send the Invoice Payment Link by setting up the Email Templates in the Email Template Configuration module.

  • You can process the Cards in the “Invoice Payment” module.
  • Select the Card to be processed from the Payment Method drop-down.

  • A pop-up will appear on the screen asking for the Credit Card details.
  • You can see the default “Payment Service Account” that was set initially. It can be changed here if required, by selecting an account from the drop-down.
  • Also if there is any Card(s) saved with the Customer, it can be selected to autofill the “Card Details”.

  • The Cards can be saved against the customers from the “Customer Account”.
  • Under the Payments tab, Credit Card Info can be added and saved for the future.

Similarly, the Customer Deposits can be received in the system.


  • Refunding Payments (Deposits/Invoices)

The Payments received can be refunded in Xoro through the payment gateways if the Payment method selected was “Credit Card”.

Payments in Xoro are received as Deposits or on Invoices, depending upon the stage of the Sales Order.

You can Refund/Delete the Deposit from the Customer Deposit Centre.

If the Deposit was received through Card processing, you will see the “Process Card” check box under the “Refund Via” option.

You can check this box and refund the Deposit.  This will automatically select the saved card against the Customer. The Card will be auto-processed and the amount will be refunded.

You can put in the amount that is required to refund, the remaining amount (if any) will be saved in the system and the status of the Deposit will be “Partially Refunded”.

Similar is the case with the refunding of the Paid Invoices.

Create an Invoice Credit Memo or RMA in order to Refund the amount.

The Credit Memo can be completely or partially refunded.

Please Note: Always refund from Xoro only and not directly from the Payment Gateway.

The Payment Gateway is also useful in processing the payments in the B2B system.

How to initiate Refund when the Payment is processed by cards in Xoro?- Know the right way?

The Payment in Xoro is saved as a Deposit against the Sales Order or applied on an Invoice.

The Deposit can be Refunded and an Invoice Credit Memo can be created and Refunded in case of the paid invoices.

When the payments are processed via Cards, they should be refunded from the respective modules in Xoro.

It is strongly recommended, that if a payment is processed in Xoro through the Cards, then it should not be refunded directly from the Payment gateways.

The refunds should be initiated from Xoro by Voiding/Refunding a transaction. Voiding/Refunding a transaction outside of Xoro detaches the transaction and then needs involvement from the dev team to fix the issue. This only applies to the payment transaction that is processed via Xoro.


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