How to link Credit Memo and Sales Order directly from their modules?

A direct link can be created between the Sales Order and the Credit Memo modules.

Linking from the Sales Order module:

How does it work? 

  • Create a Sales Order. Save it and go to “Link Credit Memo” in the Options dropdown.

  • It will open a “Credit Memo Linking” Subform.
  • In the “Credit Memo Linking” Subform the Sales Order dropdown will be auto-filled with the Sales Order number.
  • In the Credit Memo dropdown, only the Credit Memo numbers with the same Customer and Store selected in the Sales Order will be retrieved.
  • Once the Credit Memo# is filled, other details like the Customer Name, Ref#, Linked Sales Order(Linked amount), and total amount will get auto-filled.
  • Hit “Link” and the linking will be saved.

  •  Only the amount equal to or less than the sales order total amount can be linked.
  • Link the Credit Memo to Sales Order and save the SO to save the mapping.
  • The linked Credit memo can be seen under the “Credits/Deposits” tab of the SO.
  • This tab will show the linked Credit Memo and linked Customer Deposits with that Sales Order.

  •  After the Sales Order is Shipped, the amount linked with the Sales Order will be automatically applied to the Invoice.
  • Added a new column “Linked Credit Memo Amount” in the Sales Order Centre. The Total Linked Amount will be fetched in this column.

Linking from the Credit Memo module:

The process of Linking Credit memo with SO on the Credit Memo module works in the same way as explained above.

  • Navigate to the Credit Memo module and save the Credit Memo.
  • Now go to Link Sales Order in the Options tab.
  • The linking subform will open and the Credit Memo number will be auto-filled and the drop-down will be disabled.
  • In sales order drop down the sales order number of the selected customer and the store will come.
  • On change of sales order the data Customer name, Ref no, Total amount, and Linked credit memo (Linked amount) will be shown.

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