How to hide the display of Invoice/Customer Deposit?

There is an App Config setting to Hide or Show the Invoices/Credits/Deposits in the Customer portal.

How does this work?

  • In the App config module, under the B2B section, look for “Show Invoices/Credits/Deposits in the customer portal” and turn it off.


  • Open customer portal and check left side menu.
  • It will not display the “Credits, Deposits, and Invoices.”

When the setting is turned ON: 

When the setting is turned OFF: 


  • To give the Customer independent access to be able to see or hide the Invoice/Credit/Deposit, irrespective of the setting in the App Config a CheckBox has been added in the Create Customer module.

  • Goto Create Customer or open an existing Customer, under the Portal tab – “Is Portal User?”  check the “Show Invoice Credit Deposit?”  check box.

This check will override the App Config setting of “Show Invoices/Credits/Deposits” in the customer portal.

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