How to handle customers with multiple Ship to Addresses?

  • Multiple Ship to Addresses – This option will keep all of the addresses for a customer under one profile or parent customer. This scenario is generally used when you have one bill to and multiple ship-to addresses. An example of this type of customer would be a commercial company that you deliver to at different locations, but you are only in touch with the main office for accounting and billing.

All the contact information will reside under the main customer.

  • Sub-customers or Jobs¬†– Anyone set as a sub-customer/Job is an individual customer in the database. They have their own contact information on file and are simply linked to the appropriate “parent” customer.

Best suited for situations where you are in contact with the party at the location you’re servicing/delivering to, but the bill can be paid by the main company or even the sub-customer or party itself. The common example for sub-customers is a store that orders for delivery, but the headquarter will be paying part of the bill as well.

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