How to Generate Credentials for Woo-Commerce-Xoro Integration?

To Connect your Woo-Commerce Account with Xoro, follow the steps below:

STEP 1. Navigate to the “Sales Channels” in Xoro to get started with the Woo-Commerce Integration process.

Click on the Add Sales Channel and then add Woo-Commerce.

STEP 2. Login into the XoroERP Account by filling in the “User Name” & “Password”.

Note: This User Name & Password will be provided by Xoro.

You can log a Ticket to receive the Credentials.

STEP 3. Grant Access to Authorize the Sharing of your XoroERP Data

By allowing the access, you agree to the transfer of your data between XoroERP and Woo-Commerce in accordance with XoroERP’s and Woo-Commerce’s terms of use and privacy policy.

STEP 4. The next step is to Enter the Woo-Commerce Credentials into Xoro.

Account Name: You can give a name to the Woo-Commerce Account to be created by you.

App ID: This is the URL of your Shopify store. For example

Generate Credentials from Woo-Commerce Admin

Before you can authenticate a Private App to Woo-Commerce, you need to generate the required credentials from the Woo-Commerce Admin of the store that you want to connect with your App.

To generate the required credentials:

  • From the Woo-Commerce click on “Settings“.
  • Go to the Advanced Settings.
  • Click on “REST API“.
  • Hit “Add Key“.

This will generate the API key that will be displayed on the screen. This API Key will provide access to your Woo-Commerce’s Data.

Note: Treat the API key and password like you would any other password since whoever has access to these credentials has full API access to the store.

STEP 5. Once the App Key is generated, you can fill in the Woo-Commerce Credentials like Consumer Key, and Consumer Secret into the Woo-Commerce Sales Channel App. 

You can directly Copy-Paste the Credentials from the Store App to Xoro and Sign into the Woo-Commerce Sales Channel Account in Xoro.

Signing in will lead you to the settings page, where you can configure how your Woo-Commerce is to be set up to connect with Xoro.

To know more about the Woo-Commerce App Settings:


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