How to create PO by default Vendor from Short Inventory Planner module?

Follow the steps below:

  • Navigate to the Short Inventory Planner module.
  • Select the Item(s).
  • From the options select “Create new PO by Default Vendor.
  • Note: The item must have a default vendor already assigned. This information can be found in the Item Centre, under other Attributes.

Note: if the multiple items have different default vendors, it will create multiple POs per their default vendor.

Also, If the items have a different store it will show an error that the “store must be the same”.

  • In the case of creating PO by default vendor, you can have it directly linked to the SO.
  • This linking can be seen from the “Order Linking Centre”.

  • In the case of creating a new PO, added a checkbox (“link SO to PO”). If the checkbox is checked then the PO will be linked to SO. If the checkbox is unchecked it will not be linked to the SO.

The Order linking created can be viewed from the Order Linking Centre. What is an Order Linker?


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