How to create Dropship PO for Shopify orders with the auto wave setting

In the case of the Shopify Orders, when the auto wave setting is on, the Dropship POs can be created in the system for the short quantities on the SO. This is applicable for the Items with the ‘Is Dropship?‘ flag.

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A new setting is added in the Shopify settings ‘Enable Dropship PO creation during auto wave‘.

When this setting is on then Dropship PO will be created. There are 2 key points to note here:

  1. Dropship Purchase Order(s) will be created for the Dropship Vendors selected at the Item level. If Dropship Vendor is not selected, the PO will be created for the Default Vendor.

  1. Dropship Purchase Order(s) will be created for the short item(s) in case of Allocate full qty line only and Allocate what’s available Wave methods are used.

  • Wave Method: Allocate full order only;

Dropship PO created: No

  • Wave Method: Allocate full qty line only/Allocate What’s Available;

Dropship PO created: Yes

For Example, let’s take an Item, Boots which has 20 units available to sell and SO is create for 50 units.

Now, with the above setting ON, a ‘Dropship PO’ will be created for remaining/short qty i.e. 30 units. This Dropship PO will be linked to the SO.


After you receive the Dropship PO, those items will be marked as shipped in the SO. You can create a wave for the items allocated earlier on the SO and ship them as usual.

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