How to auto-create and produce MO while creating Invoice with insufficient Qty?

While creating an Invoice for a manufacturable Item that is not available, the item can still be added to the Invoice and will be automatically produced.

The system will allow adding the Item in the Invoice even when the qty is not sufficient.

  • This is based on an App Config setting “Enable auto produce when having insufficient inventory” under the Manufacturing tab.

How does it work?

  • When the App Config setting is turned OFF in the normal scenario, the system will have a usual behavior of not allowing to add more than the available qty to the invoice.

  • On the other hand, if the App Config setting is turned ON, you can add the manufacturable Item to the Invoice/Wave, even if the On Hand qty on the Location is not sufficient.
  • The Items with the “Auto producible” flag marked as “Yes” will get auto- manufactured and Produced when the Inventory is insufficient during the following operations:
  1. Create Invoice,
  2. Create Wave.

With the setting turned ON, the following notification message will appear while creating the Invoice with insufficient qty.

“You have marked this item as auto producible which means that this item will be auto manufactured/produced to make inventory available when creating Invoice if inventory is not sufficient. This will eliminate the need to manually creating and producing manufacture orders”.

  • After the Invoice is created/saved, the MO will be generated and Auto Produced. 
  • The MO is auto-created and Produced along with the Sub-MO’s.

Please Note:

  • The manufacturable Item should be “Auto-Producible” in nature. If this flag is turned Off, it will not get produced.
  • The added manufacturable Item should have the BOM Items associated with it.
  • The BOM Items should have a sufficient inventory available.

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