How to Auto Consolidate LPN by Location Type?

There is an App Config setting “Auto combine LPN by Location Type” under Warehouse.

 This setting will allow to auto combine LPNs by Location type for the current  Location while Adding/Subtracting Inventory.

 The LPNs will be auto combined by location type for the same Location and Item.

 How does it work? 

  • Navigate to the App Config module, in the Warehouse tab look for “Auto-combine LPN by Location Type” and select the Location Types for which you merge the LPNs.


After defining the Location type for the “Auto combine LPN by Location Type” in the App Config Setting, LPNs will be auto merged for the same Location and Item number, whenever there is some Addition/Subtraction in the Inventory (from Receive/Close ASN, Inventory Adjustments, etc).

Batch LPN Auto Merge from Inventory By Location Centre

Select multiple records and auto-merge LPN by grouping Item & Location.

How does it work? 

  • Navigate to the “Inventory By Location” Centre.
  • Select multiple records.
  • Click Options, and select “Merge LPNs”.


  • Select the Primary LPNs for the different Items and Locations.

  • Click Save.
  • The LPNs will be merged.

Note: This feature will work with the “Enable LPN” app config turned ON.


The LPNs cannot be merged if:

  1. Secondary LPN is with allocated Qty is more than 0.
  2. LPN is linked to an MO.

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