How to add Multi Currency Pricing?

There are two ways to add Multi-Currency Pricing. Choose one of the options below and follow the steps:

I.To add Multi-Currency Pricing through the “Item Centre” :

  1. Pull up the “Item Centre“.
  2. Select the item for which you want to add Multi-Currency Pricing.
  3. Then select the “Advanced Pricing”.
  4. Then click on “Add New“.
  5. Select the currency and prices which you want to add. (Here you can add “Multi-Currency Pricing“).

II.To add Multi-Currency Pricing through the “Upload Item Prices”:

  1. Pull up the “Upload Item Prices“.
  2. Download “Download Master Data file“.
  3. Copy the item number in the new line.
  4. Add the “Currency Code” and add the prices.
  5. Then save the file.
  6. Browse the file.
  7. Click on upload.

Read the complete article on Upload Multi-Currency Pricing. 

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