How does the Logged in Sales Rep/Sales management gets auto-filled in the Sales Order/Sales Receipt details?

While creating a Sales Order or a Sales Receipt, if the Logged-in User’s Role is a Sales Rep or a Sales management, the system will automatically fill in the field of the Sales Rep with the logged-in user. 

An App Config is made under the outbound module, which will ensure the auto-fill of the Sales Rep column in the Sales Order/ Sales Receipt. 

How does it work? 

  • Navigate to the App Config module.
  • Under the “Sales” Tab find the Setting “Use logged in user as Sales Rep”.

If this is enabled the system will check the currently logged-in users role, and if it is “Sales Rep/Sales Management” and default Sales Rep is not defined for the Customer, then it will be automatically selected as Sales Rep for the Sales Order & Sales Receipt header details.

  • Turning the above setting “ON” and if the default Sales Rep is not defined for the Customer, the Sales Rep field will auto pick the logged in Sales Rep/Sales Management while creating a Sales Order/Sales Receipt. 

  • If the default Sales Rep is defined for the Customer, it would be shown as the Sales Rep for the Order to be created. 


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