Static Report – Walkthrough

Static Reports are accessed via the ‘Reports’ module.

Static or Standalone Reports are fixed-layout Reports and cannot be edited by the user. However, if needed, the Xoro team can make changes to these reports.

The icon of all Static Reports:

How to run a static report at a specific date?

  • Open any static report preview from the Report library.
  • Once the report tab is open, click on “Custom”.

  • Select the “Date” and then click “Preview”.

  • The Reports can be viewed for a particular “Period”, set the required filter from the options available, and hit “Preview” at the bottom.

  • For an expanded view of the Report.

How to export a Report?

  • There is also the provision available to export the Reports in various file formats.
  • Click on the download button available in the toolbar.




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