How do I move Inventory?

If you are using a truck or any other method to physically move inventory from one warehouse to another, then perhaps the Transfer Order modules are more suitable. They let you move the inventory in steps and everything is tracked more carefully.

If however you are moving Inventory from one virtual location to another or do not want to use Transfer Orders then you will want to use the Inventory Movement or Batch Inventory Movement modules. They are much quicker than the Transfer Orders but do not track any history of the movement. Both methods have the same final result of transferring inventory.

To move inventory by single SKU’s:

  1. Navigate to the Inventory Movement module.
  2. Select the ‘Item Number‘ and ‘From Store‘.
  3. Click on the search icon to list the items.
  4. Select the ‘To Store‘ and ‘To Location
  5. Enter the quantity you wish to move.
  6. Click Move Inventory.

Inventory Movement Criteria

  • Item Number: Search for and select the item that needs to be moved.
  • From Store: Choose the store you are moving the item from and its locations will show below.

The descriptions below are for the column headings:

  • Store: The location’s store.
  • Item Number: The item’s number.
  • Location: The location’s name.
  • Class: The location’s class.
  • Type: The location’s type.
  • On Hand: The on-hand quantity of the item for this location.
  • Available: The available quantity of the item for this location.
  • Allocated: The quantity on a wave(s) for this location.
  • Available To Move: Available – Allocated.

Move Inventory To

  • To Store: Choose the store you are moving the item to.
  • To Location: Search for and select the location you are moving the item to.
  • Move Quantity: Enter the quantity you are moving.

Use the Batch Inventory Movement module for Bulk Inventory Transfer.

Video tutorial:

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