How do I manage my 3PL csv integration?

Note: This article does not apply to you if you are self-fulfilling or have an API integration with your 3PL.

This article applies to you if your instance of Xoro has a csv integration with a 3PL and your scheduler is enabled to automatically send and receive Wave(s)/ASN(s) confirmations. Xoro sends them to your 3PL provider, once they are confirmed, they are sent back to Xoro at which point Invoices/Item Receipts are automatically generated. However, sometimes there is an error in the job. Please follow the steps below to resolve any errors in the Job:

  1. Assign someone from your team to monitor the Job Execution History ModuleIn this module the Logs tab contains a timestamp of all the Imports and Exports from the schedulers in the system.

    The Errors tab displays all the error(s) in the integration that need to be resolved.

  2. If you have no errors you can ignore this guide and carry on with your day. If you do, opening the Errors tab will list all your Import/Export errors. Click the file under the “Message” column to view your errors.
  3. This step describes fixing an Import error. In the last column there will be a description for the error:Resolve it. If necessary contact your 3PL and kindly get them to re-send the file with the correct information. Common errors include Ship service codes not matching with the carrier or over-receiving a PO. In the case of missing Ship Services, you can add more using the “Ship Service” module.

    In the case of over receiving a PO there are a few ways to handle this scenario. Since you cannot receive more than the Qty on an ASN, the easiest way would probably be to lower the Qty on the ASN confirmation file and re-upload it. Whatever is the remaining Qty left (the over-received Qty), increase the Qty on the PO by that amount for those line(s) and create a new ASN for them. Now receive the new ASN for the over-received Qty.

    Please note: If you see an error with an Export Job (instead of an Import) then check your settings for your Export scheduler.

  4. Once you’ve resolved the error manually by correcting the file and saving it (or getting a new one from your 3PL), then go to the respective upload module of the file. This will be either the Upload ASN or Upload Wave module:
  5. Follow the instructions on the module and upload your corrected .csv file for processing.
  6. If all goes well you should receive a confirmation similar to below, depending on your module:

    If not, make further corrections to your file and retry.
  7. By this step your file will have successfully gone through. Your ASN/Wave will be successfully processed. You can now Resolve the error(s) in the Errors tab of the Job Execution History:
  8. Repeat Steps 3-7 for any remaining errors.
  9. Once all errors are Resolved you are finished.
  10. If you would like to get a notification when there are errors in your scheduler you can go to the Job Schedule Centre:

    Open the schedule you want to get notifications for. Typically your Wave Import Scheduler is for Wave Confirmations and the ASN Import Scheduler is for ASN Confirmations. The Confirmations files are more likely to run into errors. Edit the scheduler:

    Near the bottom you will see the option for notifications for errors:

    Select the type of notification you would like to receive, the users it will go to and click Save. Now every time there is an error with that scheduler you will receive either an internal Xoro notification or an email. Then you can follow the above steps to resolve the errors.

For a video tutorial of the above steps please see below:


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