How do I deactivate/delete a user or reset a password?

De-activating a User will prevent them from logging into the system. Re-activating it will allow them to log in again. For departing team members it is recommended to either de-activate or delete their User and create a new User for new team members who are joining.

To deactivate a user, follow the below steps:

1. Pull up the “User Centre” from the navigation bar.
2. Double click on the user which you want to deactivate.
3. Or right-click on the user and click on “Open”.
4. Then a pop-up will be opened.
5. Uncheck the “Active” checkbox on the top right corner.
6. Click on the update to save.

You can also delete a user as so by right-clicking:

After deleting or deactivating user(s), you can create a new user in its place. Keep in mind de-activated and deleted users do not count toward your Xoro subscription.

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