How can I write off the Not Available Qty without affecting any Inventory levels?

There is an App Config setting under the inventory tabEnable write-off feature for Not Available Inventory.

This setting will allow users to write off the not Available Inventory without making it Available.

How does it work? 

  • Turn on the App Config Enable write-off feature for Not Available Inventory” from the App Config module. 
  • Go to Inventory By Location module.
  • Right-click on the item whose Not Available Quantity is greater than 0.
  • Open the Write off Inventory option.

  • Enter the write-off not Available Quantity. 
  • The entered QTY must be less than or equal to the Not Available Quantity of that Item.

  • New Not Available Qty will be (Not Available qty – Write-Off Qty).
  • On clicking the Write-Off it will automatically create an entry in the Inventory Adjustment Centre.

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