How can I update the Items of the BOM?

Use the column “Replacement Item Number”  in the “Update BOM Items” module to update the Items of BOM.

How does it work? 

  • Navigate to the Update BOM Items module. 
  • Select the Raw Material Item Number from the drop-down.
  • This will show all the BOMs in which the raw material is used. 
  • Replace the raw material with any other raw material by adding the Item in the “Replacement Item Number” field.

  • Select: Update “All Revisions” or the “Last Revision”

  • This will update the raw material Item in the Bill of material.

Please Note: The system will give an error in the following cases: 

  • The Item being added in the Replacement Item Number does not exist.
  • The Item is not a raw material.

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