How can I show Pricing Rules as Discount on my Orders?

The Pricing Rule module has implemented an option to show/use a rule as a discount. A check box in the Pricing Rule module allows users to display the rule as a discount.

The rule will be implemented in the following modules.

  •    Estimate
  •    Sales Order
  •    Invoice
  •    Sales receipt

How does it work?

  • Navigate to the Pricing Rule module.
  • Create a Pricing rule with Percentage Price Adj type and check the “Show as Discount” checkbox.

  • The “Show as Discount” column has been added in the Pricing Rule Centre.

  • When an Item is added while creating an SO, the Discount column will show how much percentage discount is applied and EUP will show the discounted price.

  • Discounts can be applied to Orders as necessary according to the different Pricing Rules.

  • The “Show As Discounted Flag” column has been added in the “Pricing Rule Import Template”.

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