How can I see Deposit Refunded & Remaining amount in the Sales Order?

There is an App Config setting in the Sales Tab: ‘Show Deposit & Refunded Amount in Sales Order‘.

  • When this config is on, the Deposit Remaining and Deposit Refunded amounts will be visible in the SO.

  • Deposit Refunded is the amount refunded on the linked Deposit to that Sales Order.
  • Deposit Remaining is the Deposit amount remaining after deducting the refunded amount from the Total Deposit recorded on that Sales Order.

Please Note:

  • The Deposit Remaining and the Deposit Refunded amounts will only be displayed if they are larger than zero.
  • When a Sales Order is split, the deposit applied is split as well. Read more about this here.
  • When a deposit is split and if the total amount of the new Sales Order generated as a result of the split is different from the linked amount, then the Total Deposit Amount will be shown in brackets.

  • The ‘Deposit Refunded’ and ‘Deposit Remaining’ amount is reflected based on the Total Deposit amount.

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