Cycle Counts: The Inventory count process

What is the “Inventory Cycle Count” module meant for? 

Cycle counting is the periodic counting of individual items throughout the course of the year to ensure the accuracy of inventory quantities and values. Accurate system on-hand quantities are essential for managing supply and demand, maintaining high service levels, and planning production. You can also use the cycle count module to perform an annual physical count of your complete inventory.

You can perform cycle counting instead of taking complete physical inventories, or you can use both techniques side-by-side to verify inventory quantities and values.

Inventory supports serialized cycle counting, and the following modules of Xoro will be used in the steps involved:

  1. Generate Cycle Count
  2. Cycle Count Data Entry
  3. Cycle Count Centre

How does it work? 

  • Generate Cycle Count
  • Print Count Sheet
  • Do the physical count
  • Enter the Counts in the System
  • Double-check the variance
  • Accept variance and create inventory adjustments
Generate Cycle Count: 
  • The first step is to navigate to the Generate Cycle Count Module.
  • Select the Store and Location.
  • You can select the Items or generate the cycle count for all the Items available on the screen by clicking on the “Generate Cycle Count” button.


Note:- No Item should be in the Picking stage while creating the cycle count.

Print Count Sheet

You can export your Cycle Count from Cycle Count Entry Screen to excel and print. Make sure to include the Count ID column in the printout


Cycle Count Data Entry
Once the Cycle Count sheets are physically counted, enter the counts into the system using the Count ID as an identifier. If required, You can also perform the data entry using the Item and Location as an identifier by switching to the Enter By Item/Location mode (checkbox)
  • Navigate to the Cycle Count Data Entry Module. 
  • For this enter the count ID and total inventory count on that specific location and press enter.
  • Keep doing the above steps, until all the counts are entered. You can see the status of counts and variances (value and qty) on the header of the count entry table.
  • Double-check the items with high variance to make sure they are valid. You can do this by sorting the count entry table by variance column (high to low) and export the items as required.
  • Once you are done with all the Items click on the “Accept” button.
  • This will create the Inventory Adjustments automatically in the system and update the inventory counts.


Cycle Count Centre:

In this Centre, you can see all the Inventory cycle count generated with their current status.

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