Creating Manufacturing Orders from Short Inventory Planner

There are 2 ways to create Manufacturing Order(s) (MO’s) from the Short Inventory Planner.

  1. The first method involves selecting the manufacturable item and selecting the “Create Batch MO(s)” shortcut.
  2. The second method involves creating MO’s from the “On SO” drill-down which will link them to the SO.

Both methods will let us see which Items are short and require manufacturing. Using these MO shortcuts is an efficient way to plan the Production Process.

Creating Batch MO(s); from the “Options” dropdown. 

Batch MO can be created when an MO is created from the Short inventory Planner.

Batch Manufacturing Order can now be created on the basis of the Base Part number from the Short Inventory Planner module. 

The different Base Parts can be batch manufactured together, for the manufacturable Items. Also, the “Processes” & “Services” can be added to the manufacturing unit. 

How does it work? 

  • Go to SIP (Short Inventory Planner).
  • Select any manufacturable items and create batch MO from the “Options” tab.

  • A pop will open up with “Add processes and services” & “Generate Batch MO per Base Part” values turned off. 

  • Turn on the “Add Process and Services” & “Generate Batch MO per Base Part” options and click ok.
  • A pop will open up to add Processes and Services to the Batch MOs. 
  • After they are added, hit “Generate Batch”.
  •  Batch MO’s should be created successfully.

Now multiple batches will be made if the items belonging to the different base part numbers.


  • Click on the “On SO” link of any manufacturable item. 

  • Add Qty to Manufacture.

  • Hit “Generate Manufacturing Order(s)”. 

  • A popup will open with the new option “Add processes and services”. 
  • You can keep it turned “Off” for existing functionality or turn it “On” for opening the Batch MO popup for creating batch MO’s.
  • You also have the option to produce “Batch MO per BOM” or “Individual MO per Sales Order”. 

The feature is also available in the Sales Order module.

  • Go to the Sales Order module and create a new Sales Order with the manufacturable item.
  • Go to options (page top) and select ‘Create Manufacture Order’ from the COPY option.

  • A new option “Add Processes and Services” will appear. 
  • You can keep it turned “Off” for existing functionality or turn it “On” for opening the Batch MO popup for creating batch MO’s.

The “Add Later” functionality

An “Add Later” functionality is added for Processes and Services in the Manufacturing Process module.

  • Now the Batch MOs can be created without adding processes and services.

  • This flag will be shown true on the MO Centre for the created MO(s). Flags names are- ‘Is Processes Added Later?’ and ‘Is Services Added Later?’.

  • Later you can add processes and services from the MO Centre by clicking on the batch number.
  • You can add/update processes and services only if the MO(s) of the selected batch is in Open or Release status from the batch MO page and the flag will remain the same in the MO Centre. (Ie. The flag will remain set true if you add Processes and Services later.)
  • Processes can be marked completed from batch sub-view (open from MO Centre) only if the order is not in open and release status.


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