How do I create a non-inventory or service item?

In certain cases such as Freight, Credits, Labor, etc. you will need to create a Non-Inventory or Service item type. This item can then be added to sales or purchase modules. Keep in mind no inventory is tracked for these items. To create a Service item for instance follow the below steps:

  • Go to the ‘Item’ module.
  • Select Item Type: Service.

  • Enter an Item Number (e.g. FREIGHT) and description.
  • Enter a default cost and price. If your item has a varying cost/price, you can just use $1.
  • In the ‘Accounts’ tab on the left select an income and expense account. These accounts will be used when this item is added to a financial module such as a bill, vendor credit, invoice, or credit memo.
  • In the ‘Other Attributes’ tab make sure the ‘Purchasable’ and ‘Sellable’ flags are enabled.
  • Click ‘Save’ to create the item.


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