How do I convert a Liability to a Bill?

The ‘Liabilities to Bill’ module shows a list of liabilities that are yet to be converted to a Bill. 

What is a Liability to Bill?

It is a liability that is generated in the system (for instance, when you reconcile the cost of freight into a Product), which can be later converted to a Bill and paid off. This allows you an option to hold back this amount from being added to the AP. With this option, you also have the ability to combine multiple payments to a Vendor into a single Bill as per convenience. 

We have the feature to add the Reconciled Items to the Vendor Bill and thus the reconciled amount will be included in the accounts payable for the Vendor.

If the “Add to Vendor Bill” option is unchecked, the reconciled amount will not be added to the Vendor Bill. You can then either create a separate Expense Bill or a liability.


Expense Bill

  • If the “Create Expense Bill?” option is checked, then a separate Expense Bill will be created for the reconciled amount in the Bill Centre, which can then be paid like normal.


Liability to Bill

  • If the “Create Expense Bill?” option is also unchecked, then a separate Liability to Bill is created. The liability will get recorded in the Liabilities To Bill module.
  • The Liabilities can further be converted to Bill.
  • To do that, select the liabilities, click on “Convert To Bill”, and follow the instructions to generate a Bill.


  • We have also added an option to “Combine Bills for same Vendors”. If this option is checked, then if you have a Vendor for which multiple liabilities are created based on the Account, then the liabilities of that Vendor are converted into a single Bill.



Please Note:

  • To create an Expense Bill or Liability to Bill, you have to select the Vendor and the Account.


  • Voiding the generated Bill will return the amount to a liability.


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