Common E-Commerce Errors and Suggested Resolutions

See the below table for some common errors during syncing between your e-com store and Xoro:

Errors Explanation Suggested Solution
Order – 2595: Item number is blank


This means that order # 2595 has not dropped into Xoro because there is an item in that order that has a blank SKU. Correct the SKU for the item in your E-commerce store and make sure the same item exists in Xoro with matching SKUs. Then re-drop the order.
Order – 1595: Item number BGTDA-BLK-28 not found This means that order # 1595 has not dropped into Xoro because the item BGTDA-BLK-28 is not in Xoro. Ensure that the item exists in both your E-commerce store and in Xoro with the EXACT same SKU. Link it and re-drop the order.
SKU is not linked in Xoro This means that the SKU in your E-commerce store and Xoro are not linked. If necessary correct the SKU in your E-commerce store to match with Xoro and then Link it. Then re-run the failed sync.
Order – 29152: Error calculating tax for item 1CPD00F. Tax rate mismatch This means that the tax rate between Xoro and Shopify are not matching for this item and the order didn’t drop. Ensure that you have the correct tax settings for your E-commerce store. Submit a ticket for further assistance.
Order – 2291: Tax for Item number: E77600 is invalid or not configured. No tax code found for State Tax


The tax that is coming from Shopify is not valid with your settings. This typically happens if you are applying foreign taxes to your order. You are likely applying American taxes to your Canadian instance, or vice versa – which should not be happening. Ensure you have the correct e-commerce tax settings. For example if you are a Canadian operation there should be no American taxes for any of your e-com orders (and vice versa). See your e-com store settings to correct this.
Unable to update inventory for SKU LA-U1AC-RD. SKU is not linked in Xoro. Qty Change: 8


This can be 1 of 2 situations:

A) The SKU is not linked and so the inventory change did not get updated to Shopify.

B) The SKU exists in Xoro, but not in Shopify.

The corresponding suggested solutions:

A) Link the SKU and re-run (play button) the inventory sync.

B) If this scenario is intentional, you can simply Resolve the error.


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