Can I change the Qty when Quick Receiving a PO?

Yes, the users can change the units to be received when a PO is received via the “Quick Receive” option.

  • The Quick Receive Qty column is made editable in the Quick Receive Orders pop-up.

How does it work?

  • Create a new PO, or edit an existing PO in the Released status.
  • Go to the Options menu, and select the option “quick receive”.

  • In the Quick Receive Orders screen, the Quick Receive Qty column is made editable.

  • If an ASN already exists for a PO line, then the following tooltip message will appear on the Quick Receive screen.

  • If no ASN is created for other lines, the user can “Quick Receive” them. After receiving, the status of the Order will be updated to “Partially Received”.

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