Bulk Inventory Adjustment

To create a bulk Inventory Adjustment in the system, use the Upload Inventory module.

  1. Go to the Upload Inventory module.
  2. Download the blank template.
  3. Update the template with the required data (SKUs, Warehouse, Qty, etc.). Note that the inventory level being  updated here is On Hand. For Reason Code you may use “FI” (found inventory), “NF” (not found), or “DMG” (damaged).
  4. Select the desired Upload rule.
    • Delta rule – This will add the quantity (negative or positive) in the file to the quantity in the Xoro.
    • Sync rule – This option will override the quantity in the system with the file’s new quantity.

  • Select the Transaction Date.
  • Select if the offset Account has to be auto-selected by Item or Select a different Account from the dropdown.

Be sure to make the correct selection here. Consult your accounting team if necessary. Each Inventory adjustment for each SKU will create a financial transaction with the selected Date in the system for the item’s Asset account and the offset account you have chosen. It will debit Asset for a positive adjustment and credit Asset for a negative adjustment.

  • Once you are ready click the “Upload Items” button and the upload will proceed.

View the video below for a walk through:

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