Building Import/Export Utilities

Xoro has the ability to export or import data into and out of external systems using templates that can be built. Basically, these templates translate the data into and out of Xoro’s format so that you don’t have to do the data manipulation in Excel.

The most common scenario this is used for is external B2Borders. Usually, an external system like this provides a .csv export of all their orders – however, it won’t be compatible with Xoro’s format. A utility can be built using this file, which will allow you to upload the B2B file export as-is into Xoro. The utility will map the data into the correct columns and the orders will get uploaded, thus skipping the data manipulation step altogether.

Utilities like this can be built for many different scenarios, like uploading orders, inventory export, wave export, etc. If you feel that a utility may be required, just log a ticket with a sample .csv export.

In Xoro the Utilities can be created from the Import/Export Utility module. 

  • Give a name to the Utility(Template) you are going to create.
  • Select an Entity from the list in the dropdown, for which you want to create a mapping in Xoro.

  • Select if you going to perform an Export or an Import in the system.

    • Choose a file in CSV format, and click on “Map“.

    • This will create a mapping between the External format and the Xoro Format.
    • The columns will be matched, or you can select the applicable field against the Xoro’s format to create the mapping.
    • You can also code some of these values. You can use the C# programming language to code some of these expressions, in the expressions column.
    • Also from the “Edit External Format” option, you can edit the values in the CSV file that you have uploaded.

    After the mapping of the columns is done, click on “Save”. This will save the data and create the utility.

    Select if you going to perform an Export or an Import in the system.

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