Bill of Materials (BOM)

A bill of material (BOM) is a list of raw materials, sub-assemblies, or any labor that goes into the manufacturing of an Item. The materials from a BOM get consumed to produce the manufactured good. Use the Bill of Materials page to create and update a BOM for an Item – first, add the item that is being manufactured, then add the Items that are consumed to produce it, then save the BOM.

Bill Of Materials Fields

Bill of Materials Header – Bill of Material

  • Manufacturable Item Number: Search and select an item that this bill of materials is for. Note that only items that are configured as manufacturable will be fetched in this field.
  • Bill Of Material Name: Give this BOM a name.
  • BOM Type: Select the type of BOM this is for.
  • Memo: If required, enter a memo here.
  • Revision#:Enter a revision for the BOM here if necessary.
  • Time To Complete (Minutes): Add a Time required for the completion
  • Valid From Date: Select a date from where the validity of this BOM starts.
  • Valid To Date: Select a date from the validity of this BOM ends.
  • Bill Of Material Instructions: Add manufacturing instructions if required
  • PPE Notes: Add PPE notes if required
  • Estimated Time to Complete: Enter the approximate number of minutes it takes to produce this item.

Bill Of Material Components

  • Add Item: Click this button to add raw goods to the BOM. Please note that only items configured as raw materials can be added.

The descriptions below refer to the column heading of the item.

  • Instructions: The manufacturing instructions for the raw good, edit it by clicking.
  • Type: The raw good’s item type.
  • Item: The raw good’s item #.
  • Description: A description for the raw good, edit it by clicking.
  • Replacement Item Number: 
  • QTY: Units of the Item required
  • UOM: The unit of measure for the raw good.
  • Service Unit Cost: The unit cost of the raw good, edit it by clicking.
  • One Time Item?: Check this box if this item is only consumed once during the manufacturing process, regardless of the quantity being produced.
  • Is Manufacturable?: If this item itself is manufacturable, then this box will be checked.

You can create BOM revisions through the Bill Of Material upload.

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