B2B Enhancements: B2B is now Mobile view Compatible

The Xoro B2B module is now available in both the Desktop and the Mobile Portrait modes.

The portrait mode of the B2B pages is compatible with all the latest mobile brands.

Also, a change is made to the UI of the Customer, and the Internal Presentation links on the desktop as well as the mobile portrait view.

  • The filter option is moved to the top corner of the Presentation and icon sizes are changed to make it compatible with the mobile view.

Filters: The funnel icon shows all the available Product filters.

  • After selecting the filters to be used, hit the “Apply Filters” button at the bottom.

  • Added Footer for Filters and the Checkout options.

Presentations: Clicking on this home button will display all the Presentations.

B2B Mobile responsive changes are implemented for all the pages of the B2B module.

  • Scroll down to view the range of products available in the Presentation.
  • The products can be added to the cart.

  • Add the required quantity of the Items, and add/update the cart.

  • The Order summary page in the mobile portrait mode:

  •  After adding the items, click on the cart icon.
  • The Order Summary can be viewed, update the Order if required.
  • Finally, the Order can be placed.

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