How to Auto-send Invoice emails every day to the Customers?

The auto-sending of Invoices to Customers provides the user with the ability to schedule the time at which Invoices are automatically sent to them.

Two configurations, ‘Enable Daily Invoice Emails‘ and ‘Daily Invoice Emails Time‘ have been added in the Sales Tab of the App Config module.

  • If ‘Enable Daily Invoice Emails’ setting is on, the system will auto-send Invoice emails every day to the Customers at the time specified in the App Config, ‘Daily Invoice Email Time’.

Note: This is applicable when the ‘Auto email ship confirmation on Pack & Ship’ config is off.

  • The Time has to be entered in HH: MM format in the ‘Daily Invoice Emails Time‘ config.
  • You can disable this feature per customer by disabling this setting on the customer level. (Note: This is helpful for the situation where order tracking information is entered at the later stage after marking the order as shipped.)

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