Auto Select the ‘Process Card’ Option in the Invoice Payments Module

The Auto-Select Process Card feature allows you to have the “Process Card” option automatically selected when doing an Invoice Payment.

This feature can be enabled using the Auto-Select Process Card toggle in the Customer module.

  • This option will appear if you select a Card as your “Default Payment Method”.

  • If this setting is enabled, when you initiate the payment process for an Invoice, the Card selected in the Customer module will be selected as the Payment Method and the “Process Card” checkbox will be selected.

  • This means that you have to enter the Card Details/select the Saved Card manually to pay the Invoice.

  • Additionally, a warning icon is shown beside the “Payment Method” field asking the User to provide the Credit Card Info.

  • If you try to pay the Invoice without processing a card, the system will throw an error.

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