How to apply or unapply Deposits/Credits on Invoices?

Credits and Deposits can be applied to the Customer Invoices. The Apply Deposits/Credits module shows previously Applied Credits and Deposits by Customers where you can un-apply them as well.

The Invoice can be paid off by using the Credits or Deposits directly from the Invoice module. From the options dropdown, select the option to “Apply Deposits /Credits”.

This will navigate you to the “Apply Credits and Deposits” module.

The Apply Credits and Deposits Module

You can also navigate directly to the “Apply Credits and Deposits” module to Pay the Invoice(s).

  • Select Customer: Type the name, email, or phone number of a Customer to work with.
  • Available: This tab displays all the available Credits and Deposits with a remaining balance.
  • Previously Applied: This tab displays all the Credits and Deposits that have been applied to an Invoice.

Apply To Invoice (this area displays information of the selected Invoice)

  • Select Sale Store: Select a Store here or choose “All” to begin narrowing your search for an Invoice for applying a Deposit or Credit.
  • Search By: Select how you would like to search for the Invoice (SO#, invoice#, etc.).
  • Search Invoice: Enter your search criteria to pull up an Invoice.
  • Customer: The Invoice’s Customer.
  • Ref Number: The Invoice’s Ref Number.
  • Original Amount: The Invoice’s original balance.
  • Credit/Deposit Applied: The amount of Credits and Deposits already applied to the Invoice.
  • Credit/Deposit To Apply: The amount of Credits and Deposits selected for applying.
  • Invoice Number: The Invoice’s number.
  • Invoice Date: The Invoice date.
  • Amount Paid/Discounts: The amount paid toward the Invoice through Invoice Payments and Discounts.
  • Amount Due: The Invoice’s remaining balance.
  • Balance Due: The Invoice’s remaining balance after the Credits and Deposits selected for applying have been applied.

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