Advanced Variant Finder

The “Advanced Variant Finder” option enables you to select and add variants of a product, by providing all possible combinations of option values together at a spot.

The Advanced Variant Finder option is available to add Items while creating:

  • Sales Order,
  • Purchase Order, &
  • Estimate

  • Add the Product (Base Part#) and hit “Find Variant”.
  • This will display Product Matrix, with an option to add Qty for each.

  • After adding the qty, press Enter to save.
  • In case you want to add all the variants with the same Qty, press Alt+Enter.
  • When you are done adding, hit “Add to Order”.

  • If the “Show SKU Preview” box is checked, it will display the details of the Image like “Availability” in various Stores, Price, Image, etc. in the header.

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