Item: Advanced Search

The Item numbers can be searched using multiple keywords in the Item Number dropdowns. This applies to all the modules where the Item Search is used.

There is an App Config Advanced Item Search under the General tab.

If this setting is turned ON, the Item Number dropdown in various modules can search the Item by providing multiple keywords in an arbitrary sequence separated by a ‘space’.

For example, the Item Number name is “Test_Item_Red” if the user searches “Test Item” or “Test Item Red, then if the App Config is OFF, the user will not be able to search Item Number with these parameters.

If the App config is ON, the User will be able to find Item numbers with these parameters in the dropdown.

**Note: This feature can make the Item search slower if the number of items in the Item Centre is greater than 500.

How does it work? 
  • Navigate to the App Config Module and under the General Settings, turn on the setting “Advanced Item Search“.

  • Now, navigate to any module where the Item Search has to be applied.
  • Let’s say we create a Sales Order. While selecting the Item Number from the dropdown, just write the initials of the Item Number (separated by space, if using multiple words).
  • The complete Item Number will appear in the dropdown list.
  • See the screenshots below.

Please Note: If the App Config is turned OFF, the old functionality will work and the dropdown will not show all the items containing the keyword mentioned in the search.

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