Upload Vendors

A vendor is a person or business that supplies goods or services to a company. Another term for a vendor is a supplier or manufacturer. This article describes how you can upload vendors in batch into Xoro. Overview Download the latest CSV Template from the “Upload Vendors” module. Copy vendor […]

Transfer Order Workflow

Use this workflow to go through the process of physically transferring inventory from one warehouse to another. What is a Transfer Sales Order? What is a Transfer Purchase Order? How editing a Transfer Order will impact the corresponding TPO/TSO?

3PL Inbound Workflow

If you use a 3PL to house & receive your inventory, follow this workflow to see how the 3PL connects to Xoro. Related Articles:  3PL Integration via FTP: Setting up Import/Export Scheduler API Integration – 3PL How do I manage my 3PL CSV integration? 3PL Outbound Workflow    

Purchase Inbound Workflow

The Purchase inbound workflow describes how you can start with a vendor’s Purchase Order and go through the process of recording a payment on it and then receiving it into the system. Purchase Inbound Workflow Vendor payment create purchase order Use WMS Create ASN Receive ASN Close ASN Item Receipt […]