Finding Bank Reconciliation Discrepancies

How can I find discrepancies in my Bank Rec report? It is a common scenario that you have completed the bank reconciliation but your bank statement balance on the balance sheet is not matching with your registered balance in Xoro. These problems can be identified using the “Bank rec discrepancy […]

Unreconciling Transactions

How do I un-reconcile a transaction? When you start reconciling your bank accounts, it is a common scenario that mistakes may happen and you have reconciled the transaction that you may want to and un-reconcile later on. You can un-reconcile the transaction based upon two conditions 1. The bank account […]

Printing Checks

How do I print checks in Xoro? The checks can be printed from any module like outgoing payment, Bill Payment, Sales Tax Payment, etc. When you make payment from any of these modules, select the payment method as check or cheque and then you will be prompted with two options […]

Upload Journal Entries

Journal entries are created based on a double-entry accounting system where total debits must equal total credits. You can post an entry to your G/L using this module. Overview Download the latest CSV template from the “Upload Journal Entries” module. Copy Journal Entry information into the CSV template. Upload the […]

Upload: Invoices

An invoice is a document showing the goods and/or services billed to the customer. If the warehousing (WMS) component of Xoro is enabled, an invoice is automatically generated every time a SO is “Packed & Shipped”. If it is disabled, it can be entered manually or converted from a SO […]

Upload Purchase Orders

You have the option of uploading Purchase Orders into the system using a csv file. This can be handy when getting hundreds of orders into Xoro at once. If you are performing a similar upload often and you find yourself doing a lot of data manipulation in Excel then you […]

Upload Multi-Currency Pricing

Multi-Currency Pricing is basically when you have multiple prices for the item in the different currencies. Then you can use “Upload Item Prices” module. Overview Download the latest CSV Template from the “Upload Item Prices” module. Copy Item Prices information into the CSV Template. Upload the CSV Template into Xoro.

Upload Customers

Customers in Xoro systems are usually imports via third party sales channels like Shopify or WooCommerce or are created through the Customer module. Also, you can bulk upload customers through the “Upload Customers” module. Overview Download the latest CSV Template from the “Upload Customers” module. Copy Customer’s information into the […]